Shaping the digital future
of aluminum smelting

Alumatiq specializes in industrial robotics, automation and digitalization in the aluminum industry.

Our first product is robotic automation of the anode change process, with high accuracy, consistency, and speed. Improves health and safety conditions for operators in pot rooms and reduces emissions of HF and greenhouse gases.

Our Mission

is to make aluminum smelting plants safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

A Norwegian high-tech company, firmly rooted in the Norwegian smelting industry

Strong domain knowledge and industry involvement

Our anode change robot is developed in close collaboration with aluminium smelters involving process engineers and operators with strong domain- and best-practice knowledge from electrolysis and pot room operations. Our development team consists of experts in industrial robotics and automation, electrical and mechanical engineering.








A modular solution:
Adaptable to various plant designs

A modular system solution, capable of handling the entire anode change-process or specific parts of the process. The system is fully customizable, ensuring an optimal solution tailored to fit your plant’s needs.


Wireless integration with customer´s production system.

Information about speed, movement, positions, activity, location status, alarms are collected and analysed. Production orders are received from the production system.

Key functions

Pot cover handling

The AlumatIQ robot handles and stores the pot covers safely. The process is performed in a way which minimize emission of gases and hazardous dust.

Crust breaking

Chiseling with robotic precision reduces the risk of damaging pot infrastructure and anodes.

Anode replacement

Safely remove butts and insert new anodes in the pot with high precision.

Cover material

The new anode is covered with material, according to customer requirements. The robotic solution ensures correct and consistent use, and reduces consumption of cover material.

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