The Robotic Anode Change System

AlumatIQ delivers customized Robotic Anode Change Systems, which make aluminum smelters smarter, more efficient and greener.

The robot automates all steps in the anode change process, providing high precision and high degree of autonomy. The operator supervises the robot.

Our solution is customized according to each smelting plant’s specifications, ensuring that the solution fit the needs of your operation. The systems can be installed on existing cranes or delivered with new cranes. Prior to any investment decision, our engineers and consultants guide you through the process, allowing us to build the best possible solution for your company.

A modular solution:
Adaptable to various plant designs

A modular system solution, capable of handling the entire anode change-process or specific parts of the process. The system is fully customizable, ensuring an optimal solution tailored to fit your plant’s needs.


Wireless integration with customer´s production system.

Information about speed, movement, positions, activity, location status, alarms are collected and analysed. Production orders are received from the production system.

Key functions

Pot cover handling

The AlumatIQ robot handles and stores the pot covers safely. The process is performed in a way which minimize emission of gases and hazardous dust.

Crust breaking

Chiseling with robotic precision reduces the risk of damaging pot infrastructure and anodes.

Anode replacement

Safely remove butts and insert new anodes in the pot with high precision.

Cover material

The new anode is covered with material, according to customer requirements. The robotic solution ensures correct and consistent use, and reduces consumption of cover material.

The world´s first Robotic Anode Change System is under fabrication

AlumatIQ has started the fabrication of the Robotic Anode Change System. The system is delivered with a new crane and will installed and tested in real industrial environment during 2023.

The solution will be presented at our booth at the Norway – Iceland pavilion at the ALUMINIUM – World Trade Fair and Conference taking place in Düsseldorf September 27. – 29 2022. Please visit us for a chat !


Engineering and consulting services

Prior to construction our engineers and consultants guide you through the process, allowing us to build the best possible solution for your company.

Service program

As part of our maintenance program, our team of specialized service personnel visits your site every one to two years, service the robotic system and ensuring continuous operations.

Training key personnel

We train key personnel at your plant, to ensure they are familiar with and capable of operating the robotic system efficiently and safely.

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