New industrial spin-off rooted in the Norwegian smelting industry forefronts robotic automation of the anode change process in aluminum smelters.

Mosjøen, 19.06.2020

Momek Group and Avanti Engineering joins forces with and experienced spinoff management and investment company CoFounder – resulting in the foundation of the new industrial spin-off “AlumatIQ”. The new company develops a Robotic Anode Change System, which make aluminum smelters smarter, safer, greener and more efficient.

Development of the robotics system started in 2016, in close cooperation with key customers and industrial partners like Momek Techteam and Avanti Engineering. CoFounder joined as financial and commercial partner in 2019.

AlumatIQ is firmly rooted in the Norwegian smelting industry. Our name both emphasize and challenge the need for a smarter way to smelt aluminum, by introducing robotic automation into the heart of the aluminum production – the electrolysis process of alumina.

Headquartered in Mosjøen and with operations on several locations, AlumatIQ has the ambition to provide a robotic solution covering the entire process, from handling the covers on the pot line to automated anode change and covering anodes with material.

Our ambition is to develop an anode change robot with “high accuracy, consistency and speed. It will contribute to more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safer production of aluminum”, says Jan Biti, CEO at AlumatIQ. “When we succeed with the development and the first pilots, the solution can be scaled globally and maybe this is the start of a locally based supplier industry adventure we now see in the making”.

AlumatIQ is planning a development program of approximately NOK 60 million for the design, construction, and execution of the first pilots. The technical development takes place in collaboration with Momek Group, Avanti Engineering and SINTEF, experts in industrial automation, robotics, electrical and mechanical engineering. CoFounder contributes capital and is responsible for day-to-day management and business development in the start-up phase. The company has already received a grant from Innovation Norway, which has been the trigger for the establishment of the company.

“The development phase is very demanding, but we are well placed to succeed through close collaboration with competent supplier companies, SINTEF and demanding customer,” says Vidar Olsen and Haakon Andersson, general managers of Avanti Engineering and Momek Techteam, respectively.

Facts about Momek Techteam

Momek Techteam AS is a subsidiary of Momek Group, a northern Norwegian industrial group with activities in maintenance, modification, fabrication, EPCI projects, construction entrepreneurship and staffing. The company is headquartered in Mo i Rana and also owns businesses in Sweden, Finland and Germany. The company has grown from a small workshop company to Northern Norway’s largest workshop group.

Facts about Avanti Engineering

Avanti Engineering AS is a technology company that was founded in 1993 and has over the years built up considerable expertise in the fields of electrical and automation. The company has its roots in the Norwegian smelter industry and delivers automation solutions to industry and aquaculture. The company builds machines or delivers complete systems where automation is part of the function. The company has its head office in Mo i Rana and a branch office in Nesna.

Facts about CoFounder

CoFounder is a privately run investment environment based in Trondheim. The company manages approximately NOK 120 million on behalf of KLP and Innovation Norway, and invests in early-stage technology companies within traditional Norwegian industries such as aquaculture, the process industry and the energy sector.